Book Review: Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin

February 23, 2022 – Kayla Thompson, Adult Services 

Looking for a funny and fun book about two millennials–one, a mother, and one, a popular Hollywood influencer–to get your year of reading going? Look no further than this blog post and check out Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin today. Before I get started on this, I have to say that I am not a mother. So, outside of my limited experience helping my own mom with my siblings, I do not have much (if any) parenting experience. Still, I found a lot within this book that resonated with me and kept me turning page after page. Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin: 9780593198896 | Books

This story focuses on two best friends and their lives both together and apart. Jude is an influencer. She is constantly watching her appearance and posting on social media about diet, exercise, and the wonderful life she is living. Except that her life isn’t exactly as glamorous as her online posts suggest. Her ex stole thousands of dollars from her, her Hollywood reality TV mother is going bankrupt and only calls her to ‘borrow’ money, and she is drinking more than she probably should to get by and numb her feelings. In contrast, Lauren is the hot single mother of five-year-old Adelaide. She went from having it all – a daughter, a doctor fiancé, a cute little bungalow in the burbs – to having nothing…well almost nothing. She still has her daughter, her best friend Jude, and strong parents who will fight tooth and nail for her (even if they are a little disappointed with how her life has turned out). Everything seems to be turning around, though, when she moves in with Jude to become #sisterwives. That is, until her ex comes at her with a lawyer, a mouth full of lies, and paperwork demanding full custody of the best thing in her life–Adelaide. 

One part hilarious shenanigans, one part heart wrenching and raw seriousness, all parts relatable. This is a mom book that is for both mothers and non-mothers alike. It’s a mom book that really highlights the highs and lows of motherhood, while also showing us the various struggles of adulthood and isn’t just a book where the main character happens to have a child. This is a book that all of us on some level can relate to, whether it be to the fully developed characters, relatable life situations, or well-written plot. No matter if you are 26 with no kids or 47 with four kids. There is something for all of us between the pages of Martin’s book. 

If you cannot tell, I loved this book and had such a fun time reading it. Though it is 384 pages long, once I picked it up and started reading it I could not put it back down. It took me only two days to finish it (though it was also during the holiday so I had a bit of extra free time on my hands). I highly recommend stopping by, picking it up off of the shelves, and giving it a look. 

In the meantime, you might enjoy these titles while you wait: Blitzed by Alexa Martin, The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory, The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon, and How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams.

***This book review was first published in the February 2022 edition of The Best Years.

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