Everybody Wants To Be a Cat

April 25, 2020 – Adrianna Holt, Adult Services / Passport Agent

Cats are said to live the life of luxury. Their life is eat, sleep, run around at 3am, and play with everything that can be a toy. Lately my life seems to exhibit this type of cat-like behavior. I eat, I sleep (although my sleep is off so I’m up at 3am) , and anything can be entertainment when you’re bored enough.

My immediate family is small. It consists of myself, my spouse, and our two cats. Since my spouse has a job that is “essential”, I’ve been spending a lot of time with myself and our two cats. Thankfully, my cats have been what could be considered as very “happy” that I have been home 24/7.

My cats have been spending a lot of time with me in whatever activity I’m involved in, whether it be chores, sleeping, reading, crafting, watching TV, or being on my phone. 

Chores have been a battle between carrying out said chores and fighting my cats to stay out of my way, so they’re not trampled on accident or ruin my newly cleaned spaces with their paws. When I sleep, there is always one cat sleeping on me or next to me. Reading regularly again has given me a constant companion that either rests on me or tries to play with my bookmarks. I’ve now set aside specific bookmarks for playing with the cats. Unfortunately, they do not know the difference between the bookmarks that I’m using and the ones I’ve chosen for their play. My crafts that I’ve chosen to involve myself in usually contain string, which can be a problem with cats that want to play or try to eat the strings of thread. 

It has been very nice to have constant companions, but I very much miss socializing with humans.


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