Get Creative: What Are Ewe Painting?

April 26, 2020 – Kayla Thompson, Adult Services Coordinator

Hello to all of our wonderful Cape Girardeau citizens and patrons! Here in the Adult Services department, we (and really the library as a whole) miss seeing all of your faces, but we know that everyone out there is doing their part to keep our community safe and healthy. For that we thank you all! Today I am writing about a project that I have been working on here at my home during social distancing. But before I show and tell, I need to give a little backstory. (Imagine that we are fading to flashback…)

My best friend and I have been going to a local business called Creative Ewe since we were in high school, in fact since before then. Creative Ewe, for those of you who may not know, is a little shop down by the plaza and across the street from Fashion Nails and the Book Rack (another of my favorite haunts) that sells pre-made pottery to paint and get glazed. It has everything from coffee mugs to plates and bowls, to figurines and caricatures for the kiddos! It’s an incredibly amazing place for anyone of any age to go and enjoy themselves. 

A couple of weeks ago, I, my best friend, and her bridesmaids all went to paint some things as a bachelorette activity. This is where I started painting my vase. Painting a vase is kind of a big project (depending on how you paint it). I am in love with Greek mythology, so I decided to paint a picture of Medusa’s head on it. As you can imagine, I did not finish my vase on the first visit. Usually this is just fine. The lovely store owners will take it to the back and keep it until you come back to finish it. However, there was one obstacle that none of us foresaw…COVID-19.

Diane and Toni were there to save the day! They let us take home our projects with paint to continue our work. Which is awesome because now I have something else to keep me occupied during my social distancing. So far I have finished painting the base color and have finished painting Medusa’s face. There is still a lot of blank space on the vase, so I am trying to figure out how to move forward.

Are you interested in painting something, but don’t know how to move forward because of social distancing and quarantine? Never fear! Diane and Toni have been making kits for people to take home and paint creations during this time. Now you too can paint your masterful creations at home! So, if you are interested in painting some pottery, check out their Facebook page Creative Ewe Pottery and see what you can get started on for your next project. 

As always, stay safe and healthy!


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