Putting the Pieces Together

April 27, 2020 – Kayla Thompson, Adult Services Coordinator

Hello again, Cape Girardeau! It’s somewhere close to day 42 or 43 since the library has been closed. It feels almost like day 100, but we are all still hanging in there. A month or so is nothing if that means our community stays safe and healthy! 

Today I am going to talk about another activity that I have been using to keep myself occupied: puzzles! My brother and I are huge puzzle fans. He likes larger piece puzzles like 750 pieces or more whereas I like to help with those, but I prefer to keep my puzzles at 300 to 500 pieces. Either way, I find puzzles a relaxing way to keep my brain and hands occupied during these long hours inside my house. 

Now, I tried to grab my puzzles early into social distancing since I didn’t want to be out if I could help it and I figured the earlier the better. This actually did not help me and the selection was a bit small (everyone else had had similar ideas and cleared the shelves). I did however find two 300 piece puzzles that made pictures I found interesting. One was a shot of Santorini, Greece ( I went about three years ago on a study abroad trip) and one was a picture of some of the zodiac constellations. 

The thing that I love about 300 piece puzzles is that you can do them in about 3-5 hours. This is about the time it takes to watch two movies, so if there are any movies out there you have been wanting to see or rewatch then it is a good way to kill two birds with one stone as they say. I watched The Pursuit of Happyness with my little sister and Twister with one of my brothers. This time frame is also good if, like me, you have a house full of cats and kittens (we have three). If you have these kinds of animals, then you know why it is good to have a puzzle that you can finish in one sitting (it’s because they like to kick and drag the pieces all over the house while you are sleeping). 

The puzzle I started and finished was the Santorini one. It was actually really pretty and I took some pictures that I’ve included that show the progress of me putting it together. I still have the constellation one to complete, but this gives me another thing to do in the time to come. 

A good place to find puzzles (if Walmart or Target are out) is the local business The Book Rack. I don’t recommend going out if you can help it, but if you are needing to find something to do they are a good spot to find puzzles and books to help you pass the social distancing hours. Remember to wash your hands, keep groups small, and stay six feet apart. And as always, stay safe and healthy!



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