Staff Round Up: Part Two

April 29, 2020 – Kayla Thompson, Adult Services Coordinator

Hello again, people of the Cape Girardeau community! Here at the Cape Girardeau Public Library we hope that you all are enjoying the content we have been providing during these trying times. Social distancing can be hard on all of us, but it is important that we all try to keep our community healthy and safe! Thank you all for doing your part and staying with us through our online outlets. Here with a part two, our staff is coming to you with all the fun and exciting activities that we are doing during our time in social distancing. We hope that these ideas inspire some creative fun in your homes as well as ours!


Katie, our library director, has been listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast when she isn’t binge watching the Tiger King on Netflix (and honestly who isn’t binge watching this crazy crazy show!). She has also found this to be a good time to play Borderlands with her fiance and finish a paint by diamond project for her mother. 

Kelly, from User Services, says she has been winging it (aren’t we all XD). She has been using this as a chance to spend some quality time with her kids and learning to find the balance between good social distancing fun and insanity. 

Heather, our cataloger, has been using this time to play the new Animal Crossing game New Horizons (this has been a huge trend lately…I also recently received my copy of the Switch game in the mail). She finds that in moderation, games can be just as healthy of an escape as books and movies. In this game, you build your own character and move to a deserted island where you build a new life for yourself and connect with those in your community. The game is low stress and has been helping her keep a sort of routine during a time where she can’t practice her normal daily tasks!

Sarah is currently keeping busy by reading Meet Cute by Helena Hunting, Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Prachett, and Postscript by Cecelia Ahern (the long awaited sequel to P.S. I Love You). When she isn’t reading or conducting classes online for SEMO, she is experimenting with bubbly drinks/concoctions and Mentos. For anyone curious, hard seltzer water does react similarly to Coke and other soda products when you drop Mentos candies into it. If you decide to try this at home, I recommend putting it out in the yard or on the sidewalk because it can get rather messy.


As always, we hope you are staying safe and healthy at home!


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