What do you really call your pets?

May 8, 2020 – Chelsea Dunbar, Adult Services

I saw this trending topic on Twitter “Do you ever call your pet by their real name?”, and it brought attention to the names I call my own animals. When I started thinking through the list of names, it inspired me to gather this important data from my own department at the library (I’m very nosy). All I needed were two questions answered:

1. What is your pet’s real name?

2. What do you really call your pet?

And I received the cutest answers along with a few photos of our darling four-legged friends.


Sparrow (cat) – AKA Spare, Sperry, Sperbuh, Fat Kitten, Fat Boi, Fatten

Harkness (cat) – AKA Harky, Harkney, Hark Who Goes There, Long Kitten, Longin

Harkness & Sparrow


Lady (dog) – AKA Lay, Laylay, Ladybug, Ladybird, Bug, Whinybutt, Lady Alice Targaryen,

Fitz (dog) – AKA Buddy, Buddy Man, Fitzy, Fitzyboy, Fitzgerald, Lord Fitzgerald of House Dunbar

Zombie (cat) – AKA Zom, Jerkface, Lil Brat

Fitz & Lady


Oliver (cat) – AKA Olli, Bubby, Bub

Tink (cat) – AKA Tink, Missy Tink

Oliver & Tink


Niki (dog) – AKA Niki Poo Baby



Panda (dog) – No known nicknames

Tora Bell (cat) – AKA Tora Bora, Tora, Baby Mama

Cookie Butter (cat) – AKA Cooke Butt, Cookie, Cook

Marienett (cat) – AKA Mari, Stary Mari

Perseus (dog) – AKA Perce, Percy, My Boi, Snuggle Bug, Boog

Theo (dog) – No nicknames for Theo yet


Cookie Butter

Tora Bell




Chloe (dog) – AKA Chlo-dawg, Chlocifer, Chlosephine Barker, Boopadoo, Puppin, Pupperoni


Comment on our Facebook page and let us know what nicknames you have for your pets!

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