How Does Your Garden Grow?

May 28, 2020 – Brenda Renner, Youth Services

When I suggested to my husband that I would like a raised garden bed this summer, he readily agreed.  So began the research, planning, decisions on how long to make it, how wide it should be, and where to place it to get the best sun.

Then the trip to the lumber yard to get the materials. How exciting that was. So much to choose from and the smell of new lumber.

From there—the measuring, sawing, and hammering. And then the magic product!

The floor of the garden bed is 2x4s with a space between them for the water to drain.  And covered with screen.  Beautiful.

Now for the back breaking and exhausting filling of the bed with dirt.

Aren’t they doing a marvelous job?

But we forgot one very important bit of knowledge.  How HEAVY wet dirt is. And so….

The dirt is back on the ground.

What to do? How to fix this minor inconvenience?

Well, time to call on reinforcements. 

Increase the number of legs on the bed, more carriage bolts to hold it together, and more manpower to implement the process.

It is truly a most wonderful thing to have family to pitch in and help with this project.  (We did feed them).

And so I now have a raised garden bed filled with tomatoes, grape tomatoes, old-fashioned carrots, sweet bell pepper, and okra.  Can’t wait for the feast!

I am pretty sure that the rabbits won’t be eating the produce before I have a chance, but I do hope that the deer’s invitation to the lunch buffet got lost in the mail!

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