The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

June 13, 2020 – Adrianna Holt, Adult Services / Passport Agent

The library in summertime is a magical time of the year, for both children and adults. A library is always a very special place, from its programs to its patrons. But in the summer, it’s just a little better. Perhaps this is just biased thinking, but I have always enjoyed the special summertime programs that libraries offer their communities.

Even from a very young age, I spent my summers at the library. To be honest, I spent a lot of time there all year long. The Summer Reading Program (SRP) was always something that I looked forward to, it was a time of no homework, reading all the time, and if my parents were taking their sweet time turning on the air conditioning, then it was a cool safe haven. I signed up every summer for the SRP. Always looking forward to reading for fun, for prizes, and possibly for baseball tickets. If my parents were working, then my sister and I would ride our bikes to our local library, and bring backpacks for all the books we’d be bringing home. Another memorable summer and another year that I signed up, I actually won baseball tickets to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium! I got to go with my Dad and even though the seats were in the nosebleeds, I was grateful for the free tickets and the wonderful memory that I got to share with my dad, all because of the library.

When I was old enough to work, my first job was at the same library that I had frequented so much throughout my life. Although I was in my teens, I was not quite old enough to sign up for the Adult Summer Reading Program there. I did sign up for the teen SRP, though. It’s great that at any age you can sign up at your local library to join in the fun of their programs, prizes, and perusal of pages. There seems to be a trend because my next job was also at a wonderful institution, Cape Girardeau Public Library. Last year was actually the first year that I had signed up for the SRP as an adult. I recall that at my previous employer, they handled the Adult SRP a little differently. When I was still employed there, they had adult patrons writing out the books read in list format on little sheets of paper.

However I think that it is very inclusive of CGPL how they conducted last year’s program. Instead of listing all the books you read and being drawn for a possible prize, instead they had you mark the fun suns for every 10 minutes of reading. Not everyone reads at the same pace, so I think it is nice that we were able to level the playing field and not give anyone a real advantage over others. This year’s adult reading challenge is nearly identical, with the slight modification of increasing the increments from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Although this year’s activities and programs might be a bit different than previous years since we’ve had to move most everything to a digital format, we will still strive to create a special experience for you, our patrons. Most of our programs will be online due to the pandemic that still has a grip on the world. Starting on June 1st, the Online Scholastic Book Fair is LIVE! Go ahead and check it out. Summer Reading officially starts on June 15th, but you can sign up for the fun here starting today!

What have you liked most about the Summer Reading Programs?

Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time!


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