Art Display Policy

Art/Collection Display Guidelines

– Each exhibit will be for a single artist unless the artist does not have enough work to fill the display space, then the artist may work with a fellow artist to display together. The approximate wall space dimensions include two walls: one 26 feet long and the other 23 feet.
– The scheduled artist is responsible for installing and taking down his/her work. The artist must communicate with the exhibit manager to set up a time for these activities that accommodates both parties’ schedules.
– All work must be matted, framed, or otherwise mounted to create an appealing display. Nails and a hammer will be provided, but if the artist’s work requires a different hanging method (ex. Velcro) the artist must provide their own. Display items may not sit on the floor or counter in the display space.
– The exhibit space is free to use. Prices may not be attached to the artwork, however the artist may provide contact information with the display. All pieces should remain in the exhibit until the show is finished, or, if a piece is sold, it should be replaced with another.

Art Display Agreement

The following serves as an agreement between the Cape Girardeau Public Library and any artist collector, individual, group or organization (hereinafter referred to as the “Exhibitor”) utilizing the Library’s exhibition spaces located at 711 North Clark, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
1. Promotion/Publicity: the Exhibitor grants permission for the Library to reproduce names, information describing the artwork/collection, representations of the artwork/collection, and any other information that has been provided to the Library for the purpose of the exhibition/display for the promotion and publicity of the exhibition/display either now or in the future. Such representations may be used on the library’s website or social media platforms.

2. Transportation: The Exhibitor agrees to transport and provide for the return of his/her/their own property for the display at his/her/their own risk and expense to and from the Library.

3. Removal: The Exhibitor is expected to promptly remove his/her/their own property from the Library on the date agreed upon between the Library and the Exhibitor, as noted on the “Agreement to Display” form. Property that is left at the Library more than 14 days past the agreed upon removal date becomes the property of the Library.

4. Security: The Library will make reasonable efforts to safeguard the Exhibitor’s own property while it is in the Library’s possession. However, it is understood by the Exhibitor that the Library shall not be held liable for damage to or loss of the Exhibitor’s own property, in whole or in part, either during the display, its installation, or its removal. The Exhibitor agrees to assume all risk of damage to or loss of his/her/their own property displayed in the Library from whatever cause.

5. Insurance: The Exhibitor agrees that the Library shall have no obligation to insure his/her/their own property while its being displayed at the Library.

6. Release of Liability: The Library shall not be held liable for any injury to the Exhibitor, his/her/their representative(s), or his/her/their employee(s) OR for any damage to or loss of the Exhibitor’s own property arising out of or during the display, the installation or removal of the display, or any other activities involved in the preparation or presentation of the display.

7. Indemnification: The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Library, their officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and agents from and against all claims and suits for bodily injury, property damage, or any other type or nature of claim or suit whatsoever arising from the display.

8. Assignment: Neither the Library nor the Exhibitor shall assign to transfer any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement and any attempt to do so shall be void and of no effect.

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