Calling All Library Lovers!

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We all know February honors important celebrations like Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and Valentine's Day - but did you know February is also National Library Lovers Month? Now you do!

Libraries are important parts of the communities they serve. Not only do libraries house collections of stories and facts, but they also house ever-growing collections of essential items needed around the community. Here at CGPL, we have been working all summer to grow our Library of Things, which includes a very wide variety of items - from fishing poles to pasta makers, from STEAM kits to power tools.

Libraries are also central hubs for members of the community to come together. Here at CGPL, we offer three community rooms for public use, three study rooms for smaller groups, and a genealogy room with tons of local history. 

So, how can you celebrate this wonderful month? By coming to the library, of course! Come join us during one of our many programs this month. You could also come and spend the afternoon relaxing in our many comfy chairs, snuggled up with one of our many books. While you’re here, talk to our librarians! We love to hear what you’re currently reading, all about your favorite books, or what you love about your library!

In addition to this month-long Library Lovers holiday, February honors several individual library and book-themed holidays:


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