New Year, New Skills in the Youth Department!

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Everyone knows January is the time for making resolutions and learning new skills. Here at the library, we want to encourage that love of learning and exploring! Starting in January, we will be hosting a new monthly program for patrons ages 6-11, called Bite-Sized Chefs! This program will take place once a month and we will be following along with recipes found in Food Network’s Recipe-a-Day Kids Cookbook.  Each month, come and build your recipe repertoire by exploring creative culinary techniques that are easy and pleasing to the eye. Create and enjoy a sample at the library and then take home the recipe ideas to dazzle your family and friends!

Help us be mindful of any allergies - call and ask about food choices if there are any concerns.

Cooking skills are skills you can develop at any age! Learning to be comfortable in the kitchen builds a lot of skills useful in everyday life:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Life skills 
  • 21st-century skills (creative thinking, critical thinking, etc.)
  • Fine motor skills
  • Mathematics 
  • Planning and problem solving 
  • Hygiene (hand washing and keeping counters clean)

If you’d like to learn these skills, you can join us each month for Bite-Sized Chefs! Our first session will be on Monday, January 23rd at 4:00 pm. Registration is limited to 24 participants, so make sure to register early to save your seat!  You can register here.

If you prefer to learn these skills in your own kitchen, here are some books you might find helpful!


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