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Every year, book lovers celebrate Library Shelfie Day on the fourth Wednesday of January. This year, Library Shelfie Day falls on January 25th. What is Library Shelfie Day? It’s a day dedicated to sharing your personal library bookshelf with the world. You can choose any books you like to go on your shelf and they can be arranged any way you like. You can put them in color order, in size order, in the order you read them in, or in tall towers! Be creative, snap a photo of your shelf (a shelfie), and post it online! The staff here at the library have put together bookshelves to share with you as inspiration. 


This shelf contains many of the books that I own and love. The books are displayed in ROYGBIV color order. I am loving the bright, colorful hues. Judging from the lack of green hues in this photo, I should probably invest in some green books. Let me know if you have any recommendations. ☺️Image removed.

This shelfie is giving me strong whimsical vibes. It’s all so magical…✨
Image removed.



This shelfie features an amazing book nook! 
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The staff at the library have created our own #LibraryShelfie of all our favorite books! This shelf is on display in Adult Services this week. If you are interested in reading any of these books, come check them out! In my impartial and completely unbiased opinion, these are some really great reads. 😉


Books on the staff  #LibraryShelfie:


Don’t forget, if you want to share your #LibraryShelfie with us, be sure to tag @capelibrary when you post on social media!

Happy Reading! 😊📖

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