Listen Up! Audiobooks for Family Road Trips

It’s that time of year- summertime, and that means family vacation season. We’ve put together a list of acclaimed audiobooks that will entertain the whole family, no matter the length of your drive. Some are even read by a full cast of voice actors, and some have music and sound effects!

New Ways to Craft for the Master Crafter!

So you’re the craft master, huh? You’ve tried it all, have you?

Macrame? Just fancy knots, nothing hard.
Origami? More like SNOREagami because it was so simple for you.

Storytime Tips from Your Youth Librarians

Reading is key to children's brain development, and parents can encourage that best by reading to their children.  Your CGPL youth librarians are here to offer you our tips that turn a regular read-aloud into an awesome storytime.

Comics Aren't Kids' Stuff!

Batman. Spiderman. Stilt-Man. You might think of these names when you think about comic books. (Except probably Stilt-Man, who is real and was at one point fighting Daredevil in Marvel Comics. That’s his picture over there.).

Let's Get Crafty!

Time to break out the glitter, construction paper, and hot glue guns because March is National Craft Month!

Start Exploring Black History This Month

February can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, from their first birthday in four years to some time with their sweetheart, but one of the most important things we should all try to celebrate is Black History Month. The man in the picture there is Edward C.

Peculiar People Day

Everyone has someone they know that’s a little odd, a little silly. They might be a friend, or a family member, or even a neighbor that everyone thinks of fondly for their quirky behavior.

This New Year, Make Some Bookish Resolutions

This year, we challenge you to read intentionally. Not sure how to go about that? We've rounded up suggestions for reading resolutions that will help you make 2024 a year for the books. These tips can be applicable to you or any children in your life.

Find Your Perfect Hot Chocolate + Book Pairing!

Do you like hot chocolate? Do you also like reading books? Have you ever wondered which type of hot chocolate you might be? Take our quiz and find out not only which chocolatey drink you are but also what books you might like to try reading while you sip it.

If You Liked Harry Potter, Try These Selections

Harry Potter’s fantastical rags-to-riches hero’s journey has been capturing readers’ imaginations for over 25 years now. Whether it’s the found-family friendships that fans love, the magical school, or the massive worldbuilding, J.K.

Book a Break to Bake

Get ready..., set..., BAKE! October is full of fun things to do and celebrate. The first big one is Halloween: my favorite time of year! October also signifies - at least in my family - the start of the holiday season and, with it, baking!