National Book Awards Week

Established in 1936, National Book Awards Week is held annually from November 7th to November 15th (with the 15th being the day they announce the winners).

What We Are Thankful For: Library Edition

It’s always a good thing to be mindful and aware of all the positive things in our lives, but there is something about the holidays that makes me hyper-aware of what I should be and am grateful for.

If You Liked Harry Potter, Try These Selections

Harry Potter’s fantastical rags-to-riches hero’s journey has been capturing readers’ imaginations for over 25 years now. Whether it’s the found-family friendships that fans love, the magical school, or the massive worldbuilding, J.K.

Book a Break to Bake

Get ready..., set..., BAKE! October is full of fun things to do and celebrate. The first big one is Halloween: my favorite time of year! October also signifies - at least in my family - the start of the holiday season and, with it, baking!

Celebrate National Family Day With Us!

National Family Day (September 26) celebrates families of all types, backgrounds, and sizes. For this day, focus on the people who make your life meaningful! For anyone looking to spend quality time with their family, CGPL has a diverse collection of activities for checkout.

Read an eBook Day!

As technology is growing, the accessibility to books is growing as well. Now getting a book is easier than ever. One of the more recent advancements in the book industry has been the rise of eBooks.

Celebrating Books!

Whether it’s reading a book or buying one, September has a lot of literary days of celebration:

Thanks For Your Memories

Since the beginning of time, humans have been writing and talking about themselves and their experiences. During ancient times people relied on scrolls, clay tablets, and oral traditions to pass on their thoughts and experiences.

Falling in Love Page After Page

Romance Awareness Month

Though the idea of Romance Awareness Month is really to bring attention to romance and the idea that even in an established relationship there should be some intention behind gestures that keeps the spark and fun of the relationship alive, it's important to remem

What's Your Picnic Vibe?

Summer is the time for picnic fun, and July is National Picnic Month. It's a good time to grab a book and something tasty to eat, then find a beautiful place outdoors to get some reading in. Here are a few of my favorite picnic aesthetics...complete with reading recommendations to match!

Battling Boredom at the Library

July is Anti-Boredom Month and perfect timing too! July just so happens to be the height of summer reading. If you can’t beat boredom at the library, where else can you go? There are so many fun free things to do here from programs for all ages to books and bored games.

What Does Your Audiobook Speed Say About You?

Happy summer, Cape Girardeau! We are just about a third of the way through our summer reading program this year - 3 weeks! Can you believe it? A question I often get asked when patrons in the community come to sign up for our summer reading program is “Do audiobooks count as reading?”.